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Welcome to Ithemba Recruitment

Ithemba Recruitment is an organisation that specializes in the placement of quality candidates in various industries. We at Ithemba recruitment are “specialist generalists” we have the understanding that the we are able to recruit for a wide range of positions in various job functions that clients may require because we prefer to be seen as specialists for our clients’ needs and culture rather than specialists in a specific sector.

We feel that any position can be qualified by the correct understanding of people rather than what field they work in. We feel that by communicating effectively with candidates and having respect for their needs, requirements and time – we are able to form relationships and properly understand our candidates and the culture that they would fit into so as to service our clients’ needs more effectively. You could possibly classify us as “Versatilist”. Whether you are in need of a new member of staff or as we like to call it "a new family member"​ or if you are in search of a new opportunity our consultants are ready to take your call.

Sharon Boyens

I am fascinated by the environment in which we work and live, and how we choose to respond. In growth and transformation, we do nothing alone. How we treat each other impacts our ability to flourish as individuals and within a team environment. At the heart of creating a culture of high performance is leadership behaviour that is based on selfawareness, authenticity, and presence.

One of my greatest strengths is how I foster relationships with organisations and people that could later prove valuable. What sets me apart from your Contingent Recruiters and Head-hunters are my alternative strategies and strategic thinking. Securing the most desirable, highly skilled candidates and connecting them with both national and global opportunities is my passion.

Teagan Sandstrom

Leading a team of recruiters who connects top talent into relevant roles GLOBALLY is what drives me. Considered a 'die hard' recruiter myself who does not give up until the right candidate is placed.

Tenacious and captivating by nature, I am capable of building new relationships and managing existing relationships across multinational networks - but most importantly, training and imparting this knowledge onto my high performing team that ultimately aid in the success of the business.



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Why Choose Us

Clients have chosen Ithemba Recruitment as their strategic recruitment partner for 30 years because of the followings values.

"At iThemba Recruitment, the love and passion for PEOPLE is front and centre. The ultimate success of any business is the workforce behind the brand and at iThemba Recruitment that couldn’t be more true. Our consultants are pioneering new efficient practice’s in an ever evolving industry. Combining technology with best practice, our firm offers a multitude of bespoke solutions for any enterprise globally, ensuring that our client receive a world class service"